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Future Building Questions 001

Warning: These questions are intended for use in writing fiction. They are not suitable for construction of real-world utopias. If used to design Role Playing Games, proper results are not guaranteed. Investments based on these questions are guaranteed to make a small fortune only if you start with a large fortune.

1. Which theory of society do you believe:

a) Society is an organic whole whose parts work together.

b) Society is made up of competing groups.

c) Society is made up of competing ideas.

d) Society is continuously constructed and reconstructed as people respond to what they think the words and actions of others mean.

e) Society is run by secret masters, benevolent or malevolent.

f) Other.

2. You see history as being:

a) A rise toward greater and higher civilization.

b) Bound by rigid cycles; for example, the United States will last as a civilization exactly as long as the Roman Empire did.

c) Cyclic, but the cycles are rather looser.

d) Cyclic, with the cycles we can see being part of a greater cycle. When civilization reaches its peak, it will destroy itself. Humans will start all over again, from the beginning of the Stone Age. Alternatively, humans will die out and another intelligent species will experience the next cycle. (Of course, this requires explanation of why oil and various ores weren't used up in previous cycles.)

e) It's all going to repeat, exactly the same. For example, there will be another Roman Empire.

f) Other.
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star maps

From: Nyrath the nearly wise
Subject: Three dimensional starmaps
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:54:08 -0400
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.science
X-Complaints-To: abuse@io.com

I am making available some 3D starmaps of the local
stellar area, for plotting out one's interstellar
novel. Most are free, a couple have fees attached.

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Beyond novel_in_90

The novel_in_90 LiveJournal community has turned out to be more successful than most of the LiveJournal writing communities I know about. (Definitely including this one.) For those who don't know about it: members commit to trying for 750 words per day, 67,500 words in 90 days. (Various members have adjusted their private counts upwards, downwards, set aside nonwriting days, and made other adjustments.)

I've been thinking about similar communities. The first isn't a serious idea: flash_in_90. The commitment would be to try to write one word of fiction a day, for a story total of 90 words.

Others: short_story_in_30; goal of 200 words a day, 6,000 words in 30 days.

nonfiction_in_90: Same word goals as novel_in_90, but nonfiction rather than fiction.
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Thought Quotes?

I have a writing mechanics question.

How do you treat a character's thought?  You know, those little one liners we all think of but don't let travel to the outside voice.
 Do you depict these dialogue thoughts in italics, single quotes, no identifier or something else?
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Size Does Matter!

Now that I've caught you....:-)

In response to a rant about dislike of large sized (trade) paperbacks I was told that the regular sized (mass market) paperbacks are going obsolete.  Is this true?  Oh please say it isn't so!

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Hi all,

My name's Anna, and I'm an aspiring writer in the science fiction and fantasy genres. I've been writing off and on all my life; I completed a couple of novels in high school and even tried to submit one for publication. But only in the last couple of years, now that I'm an adult and have had the chance to let my writing mature, have I been seriously pursuing writing with intent to publish.

I've finished my third completed novel and am currently working like crazy on the third and fourth draft revisions, preparing to send it off to an editor who's got the first three chapters and a synopsis, and who has requested the complete manuscript. I'm nervous as all get out about that. :) And I've started attending local conferences, specifically the most excellent Writer's Weekend, which I'll be attending again this year.

Glad to meet you all and I hope I'll be able to contribute to the topics around here!
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(no subject)

I wonder why music takes less energy than writing.

Probably because it is more intuitive, emotive, and immediate.

I can sit with an instrument and play. Just play. I can go on for hours without a word-type thought going through my head. I can fall asleep playing. And I can play right up to the point where I fall asleep still holding the instrument.

I can't do that with my writing. Writing is hard work for me, not at all like music. Writing wears me out. So does reading.

An obvious question: is it like this for all writers? Or, is writing easier for some writers than is playing music? (Assuming both talents reside in the same person to begin with).

If that is a possibility that has a real world extension, then do those writers find writing to be more intuitive, emotive, and immediate than music?

Perhaps I should ask some writers.

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Otium, a literary magazine

I apologize if this is an abuse of this community, but I've been lurking for a while and had something that I wanted to share with you guys.

I am on the editorial staff of a brand new online literary/art magazine, Otium. We launched our inaugural issue on March 9, with seven works of fiction, two stage pieces, one interview, two artists (sketch and photography), and one HTML project. I hope that you'll check us out!

Also, Otium is currently accepting submissions for its upcoming second issue, to launch April 9. Otium accepts prose of all forms for publication: short stories and memoirs, plays and screenplays, fiction and nonfiction. Since we are an online publication, Otium accepts submissions of all lengths, with no word or page limits. Otium also accepts digital art submissions, from photographs and sketches to graphic art. We are especially fond of projects that combine both elements of text and images. (If you would like to submit your previously unpublished work, please do so at otium at listhost.uchicago.edu)

Tell us your story. We'll give you infinite space.

Thanks for listening.