Anna the Piper (annathepiper) wrote in words_in_common,
Anna the Piper


Hi all,

My name's Anna, and I'm an aspiring writer in the science fiction and fantasy genres. I've been writing off and on all my life; I completed a couple of novels in high school and even tried to submit one for publication. But only in the last couple of years, now that I'm an adult and have had the chance to let my writing mature, have I been seriously pursuing writing with intent to publish.

I've finished my third completed novel and am currently working like crazy on the third and fourth draft revisions, preparing to send it off to an editor who's got the first three chapters and a synopsis, and who has requested the complete manuscript. I'm nervous as all get out about that. :) And I've started attending local conferences, specifically the most excellent Writer's Weekend, which I'll be attending again this year.

Glad to meet you all and I hope I'll be able to contribute to the topics around here!
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