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Re: actions is character.

Re: actions is character.

Stray thoughts. Unrefined, but assays out to
generally pretty accurate.

In psychotherapy relationships are always defined in
terms of interactions. With no discernible
interaction, there is no proof of relationship.

Dysfunctional aspects of relationship are always
worked out dynamically. That means we talk in
session, and after the client leaves session even
though they have understanding of the dysfunction

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Re: [commonwords] Did someone say minimalist?


I'm not. Or I wasn't. Exploring in that local.

I used to get my best comments on my descriptions. I
liked doing them. I think I liked doing descriptions
because I could count on good return comments from

I knew about minimalist ideas, but I didn't take them
seriously, mostly (I think), because of ,...

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One of the things we plan to use the livejournal space for is as a space for archiving particularly useful or insightful posts. How we're going to manage this is by requesting that the authors post a link to the relevant post in the Yahoo archive--with a brief description and/or title--to the livejournal community. (People of course may opt-out; thus the request process.)

These will be fairly easy to sort in memories and track that way--better than a Yahoo database, I think, which was the other option.

Please do feel free to email any of the moderators with suggestions for posts that should be added to/requested for the archive. Also feel free to email the moderators with suggestions regarding improvements/additions to the group.

The moderators are myself, Chelsea Polk, Kellie Matthews, and Kathryn Allen.

As an aside, that's two semipros, a pro, and a fanfiction writer. Which hopefully will convince even the shy that we are serious when we say we intend to meet here as peers; publication or intent-towards-publication won't be a ranking indicator in this group, and we expect people to be able to discuss both original and fan writing (fiction and nonfiction) as genres rather than hierarchies. (This goes for other genres too--I'd prefer not to see romance, SF, F, mystery, litfic, chicklit, poetry, or what have you dismissed out of hand. Which is to say there's no place for value judgements, but I personally find that value judgements on the level of  'this works for me, and this is why' and 'this doesn't work for me, and this is why' are probably far more helpful than "Elizabeth Bear writes crap." (Now, "Elizabeth Bear writes crap, in my opinion, and here's why--" might just be a different story. Constructive rather than deconstructive, please.)

The somewhat grandiose goal here is to find community, both in small social circles and large. Community and discourse don't exist without conflict, so feel free to disagree with each other, but feel free to agree and expand and tangent too. And to introduce topics of interest as well, or start threads as necessary.
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That other community I belong to

I've advertised this community in fictionslamming, so I'd like to take this opportunity to point out the wonderful advantages of the community where I hold moderator privilages :)

It looks like a rating community, and is smells like a rating community, and it barks like a rating community, but it's actually not. We discuss other things besides who's good and who's crap. If you sign up as a member, you can see the wonderful criticism I got on a recent draft of my current work (I posted it friends-only, making it 'discussion in a closed forum' rather than 'publication' - a useful difference in copyright terms).

We don't bite often and we tend to only get bitchy and snarky at people who bitch or snark first. That said, a certain degree of roughness is often present.

I would love to see the smart folks from this community applying to fictionslamming, please consider it!
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Okay, guys, the mailing list/bulletin board over on Yahoo is live, and I've posted some topic starters there. If you're not signed up for the mailing list, I'd suggest it; I think the in-depth discussion will be more comfortable over there, because of the limitations of livejournal's threading, etc.

And... Houston, we are a go.
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